Flower Bracelet With Baguette
Four Row Invisible Setting With Flowers Bracelet
Four Flowers Bracelet With Round Stone In The Middle
Infinity Bracelet With Round Diamonds
Two Row Flower Bracelet
Bow Bracelet
Emerald Cut Illusion Bracelet
Round Stones Bracelet
Round Frame With Marquise Stones Earring
Round Earing With Black Stone
Drop Earring
Evil Eye Earring
Long Drop Earring
Emeraled Cut Illusion & Marquise Stones Earring
Emeraled Cut Illusion Earring
Flower Earring
Flower Frame With Round Stones & Butterfly In Rose Gold
Flower Necklace
Evil Eye With Diamond Lashes
Pearl Pendant
Invisible Setting Bagutte & Invisible Princess Frame Pendant
Diamond Circle Withe Three Inner Pearls
Invisible Setting Pendant With Baguette
Black Diamond Circle
Round Frame With Flower In The Middle
Circle Frame & Pearl In The Middle
Invisible Setting Pendant
Butterfly Rose Gold With Diamonds & Gold Ring
Three Flowers With Two Rows Of Baguette
Three Layers Diamond Ring
Invisible Setting & Round Stones Ring
Emerald Cut Illusion Ring
Sapphire Stone On Gold Ring
Flowers With Baguette Stones & Yellow Gold
Flower Ring With Marquise
Evil Eye & Heart On Yellow Gold With Round Diamond ring
Evil Eye On Yellow Gold With Round Diamonds
Arabic Caligraphy Circle Gold Earring
Semi Precious Stones In Circle Bracelet
Heart & Evil Eye Bracelet
Heart Forever & Infinity Bracelet
Heart Flower Bracelet
Butterflies Bracelet & One Heart In The Middle With Mother Of Pearl
The Circle The Fish & The Flower Bracelet
Evil Eye With Arabic Caligraphic Bracelet
Flower Bracelet
Flower In Yellow Gold Bracelet With Semi Precious Stones
Fish Earring
Butterfly Earring
Butterfly Earring
Buttterfly Earring With Mother Of Pearl
Earring With Pearl On Yellow Gold
Evil Eye With Arabic Caligraphic Frame
Hand Evil Eye & Arabic Caligraphic Necklace
Infinity Forever Yellow Gold Necklace
Butterfly & Fresh Water Pearl Necklace
Butterfly Evil Eye & Arabic Calligraphic Neckllace
Yellow Gold Neckllace
Allah & Evil Eye Ring
Thank God Pendant
Butterfly In Three Colors Ring
Onix Ring
Infinity Yellow Gold Ring
Butterfly Ring
Love & Peace Ring
Butterfly Ring
Exotic Ring With Semi-Precious Stone
Heart With Butterfly Ring